Fashion and Color Theory: How to use colors in the best way to make your outfits POP!

So guys, I’m an artist, and I used to teach art. So, obvis, I have a tiny obsession with color and the color wheel.

It’s a problem. 🤪

But the cool thing is, I’ve been able to use that eye for color in lots of other situations! When I worked in a cake shop, I used to be the person everyone went to when they needed to match icing to a color swatch!

Add a little black, add a little yellow… I was really good at it!

And a little knowledge of color theory can also be really helpful in fashion.

That’s why I’m writing this post! I want to talk to you about a few basics of color theory that will hopefully help you in making more of your clothing items work in more outfits! Which is huge when you want to get your money’s worth out of an item!

Whenever I’m considering buying something for myself, I make outfits in my head with stuff I know is already in my closet so that I can feel good about buying it, knowing I’ll be able to get good use out of it!

So, here are some basics about color theory.

First, this is a color wheel. Know it, love it, become its friend! It wants to help you.

The color wheel is your friend! My grandpa used to say the lines were my friends when I was coloring. 🤣

This is slightly different from the one that I might have shown my art students, because a paint color wheel doesn’t have mauve or pink on it. But we’re not painting! We’re matching clothes. So it’s cool. 😎

A color wheel is basically a rainbow in a circle. You may or may not have learned this in art when you were in school. If you did, you had a super art teacher! 🥳

The good thing about the color wheel being in a circle is that it helps us relate the colors to each other in different ways.

When two colors are across from each other, they’re complimentary. Match two complimentary colors in an outfit and you have something bold and fun!

My fave complimentary scheme in outfits is blue and orange. But I works for all kinds of pairs!

This isn’t a LuLaRoe picture, but I could just see this being perfect with a Valentina button down and a pair of leggings or a Cassie pencil skirt!!

Some other color schemes you can try are…

Analogous colors, which are next to each other on the color wheel.

How cute would this be as an Iris or Morgan tee and a pair of leggings???

Warm or cool colors. Red, orange and yellow are warm (think fire), and blue, green and violet are cool (think grass, ice, water).

Warm colors are amaaaaaazing for fall, but work any time of the year! You could make a Nicki dress work for fall just by adding leggings and a cardigan!
LuLaRoe has cardigans like this called Lucille. Super warm and comfy!

Monochromatic colors, which is just a fancy way of saying different shades of one color. 🤍💙🖤

There are lots of other combinations and color schemes, but these are the basic ones!! I hope this was helpful! 💗

Now go make some outfits!

If you want to see my amazing LuLaRoe inventory and how I use these trick to make outfits, or how YOU can use these tricks to make outfits, please join my VIP group on Facebook, or shop through my website! 💕

XOXO, Marie

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