LuLaRoe Kristina: My Honest Review

Back in my days as a LuLaRoe shopper (haha it seems like so long ago but it’s really not 😂), my FAVORITE item was the Perfect T.

What I loved about it was how flowy and flattering it was, of course not to mention all of the fun prints and colors! I’ve always been self-conscious about my belly, so the fact that it didn’t call attention to that was a major win.

Perfect T was my favorite LuLaRoe top when I was a shopper!

Perfects have been discontinued since then, and it’s been a job finding a top with the same flowy silhouette.

Enter KRISTINA!!! Kristina launched as part of the LuLaRoe spring 2020 collection (to stay on top of all of the new styles and be able to snag some for yourself, visit my VIP group) and, guys, I think I’m in love! 😍

Wowie wow isn’t Kristina gorgeous??

The Details

Kristina is a v-neck tank with a flowy A-line silhouette. The back is just a touch longer than the front, and she comes in a t-shirt-ey poly blend fabric (95% polyester 5% spandex). I’ve also seen some Kristina’s come in a lightweight burnout fabric.

The burnout fabric is super thin, so you’ll probably want to wear a tank underneath it, but it has a super great texture!!!

The lightweight burnout fabric that Liv, Kristina, and some other LuLaRoe styles can come in. How cool is that texture?

With that great flare, Kristina is super flowy and flattering! Its a bit fitted around the chest, and then it hangs really beautifully on any body type!


Here is a size chart:

I’m kind of in love with the saying on this one! 😂 This was one of the prints that came with the original Kristina launch!

According to that chart 👆🏻 I should wear a large (I wear size 14-16 in standard size pants).

However, I actually prefer a small or medium!! I can actually fit into ALL the sizes (except XXS 😅) Kristina comes in, and depending how I wanted it to look I could choose a variety of sizes. Check out this graphic I made:

Me in all sizes of Kristina!

The lower I went in size from my true size, the more fitted it became around my chest, and the shorter the length. The higher I went, the longer and flowier (is that a word? Because my phone keeps trying to autocorrect it to flower 😅) it became!!

I thought the small was really cute because it was tighter on the top and flared out at the bottom, kind of like a peplum top!

In case you went 🤔🧐 when I said peplum top!

The extra small was a little too tight around my arms (not painful, just a little restrictive), and the larger sizes (XL and up) gaped a bit around my arms.

I would probably choose to size up if I wanted to wear it over my bathing suit at the beach, or if I wanted to knot it at the hem, which is also a super cute look!

How cute is this look? A great way to make a larger size work for you!

The Verdict

I think Kristina is my new favorite summer top!!! I may or may not have already bought one for myself. 😉

I can’t wait to wear it with jeans, leggings, tucked into a skirt (like Olivia), and tied up over a dress (like Nicki!)!!

I hope this post was helpful!! More to come on styling and outfit ideas for this amazing top! Visit my website to shop my available Kristina’s, and my VIP Facebook group to be the first to see my new items!!

Lots of love!!! — Marie

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